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standard programme

Integrated systems
In addition to our core business products Likonalso supllies fully integrated systems of aluminium extrusions and rubber and plastic parts

Combined development
Closely adapted parts are a garuantee for high quality industrial systems that can be assembled easily assembly.
Through the combined development of different composing parts an high level of accuracy in dimensions and function is acheived.
Parts can also be supplied pre-assembled

Depending on functional and mechanical demands, tolerances, required machining en surface treatments the appropriate grade of alumnium is detemined
. Environmental factors are weighed and accounted for. given the vast amount of aluminium grades and possibilites in machining, bending etc. grades both during and after extrusion our aluminium parts can be used in all sorts of applications.
Machining of alumniumextrusions
bending   milling polishing
sawing   drilling welding
Surface treatments

electrolytic anodizing in gold, bronze and black
colour anodizing
powdercoating double-layer coating
hard anodizing pvdf -coating