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Rubber, Plastics &  Aluminium

For more than 20 years Likon is a major supplier of rubber extruded profiles and mouldings, ranging from simple extrusions, seals that have been preformed to complex frames with steel reinforcements, rings with different - incorporated - sections and e.g. profiles with permanent radii.

At the request of several customers our product range has been extended to plastics injection moulded plastics and extruded and machined aluminium. We take care of machining, e.g. 3-D bending and surface treatments.

In hot casted polyurethanes Likon can supply you with excellent qualities to meet the highest demands. More information is available in the products page.

The latest addition to our extensive elatomers programme are inflatable seals. Made from standard sections with spliced joints or moulded parts with fibre feinforcements to meet the highest of security levels. Extensive iformation to be found in products overview.

To allow for real one-sourde-shopping, Likon is also offering assembly of parts. Leave it to Likon, so you can concentrate on your core business.