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Polyurethane parts
Wear and shock resistant
Likonflex is a high end polyurethane that is highly resistant to wear and shocks.

Where these properties are of the upmost importance, Likonflex is far superior to much used elastomeren, steel and nylon.

The greater flexibility, elasticity and shock absorbing properties of Likonflex clearly stand out
Chemical properties









Likonflex parts show excellent chemical properties:
high resistance to ageing at roomtemperatures
resistance to chemicals, solvents and cleaning agents and oil 
ozon and oxygen show no effects on Likonflex
special hydrolesis resistant qualities
v high-temperature resistant qualities
Hot casting, extrusion and injection moulding   
Likonflex parts can be hot casted, thus enableing manufacturing of small series at low totall costs

Likon also supplies extruded and injection moulded (TPU) parts.
The proof of the pie..!!
Hot casted Likonflex is far superior to injection moulded qualites where mechanical properties are concerned. Although this won´t allways show from datasheets, our extensive experience has proven .
If your demands are high, you should choose our casted qualities

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