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Siliconen hoses & elbows

standard programme

Likonsil silicone hoses and elbows are made from the best quality silicone rubber with polyester, nomex™ or glassfibre reinforcements for optimal performance under extreme conditions.

Our silicone hoses and elbows are supplied with a smooth, blue finish to secure superior fitting on piping. Upon request parts can be made with a more economic cloth wrapped finish also. Outer walls are nylonic or have a top layer of silicone.

The superior properties and build garantee a long, maintenance free life of Likonsilhoses.

Standard quality

large temperature range, without loss of flexibility between -60°C and 180°C
low compression set, no leaks after mounting
hardly any ageing by ozone and UV
simple mounting and replacement
high chemical resistance to heating and coolant fluids
low life-cycle-costs

  Turbocharger quality
  Grades of Likonsil hoses and elbow that have an even larger temperature range:
  -60°C and 220°C with nomex© reinforcements
  up to 300°C with glassfibre reinforcements

A large choice of standard sizes in hoses and elbows is available, in both standard and turbocharger construction
Specials / FDA



Hose and elbows can be adapted to special requirements like:
fluoro lined for improved oil resistance
resistance to vacuum and high pressure
wire reinforced hose for improved bending without kinking, convoluted hoses with SS rings
FDA approved compounds and construction
for high temperature environments hoses can be wrapped in a heatresistant cover
Ducting hoses
Hoses in silicone coated glassfibre fabric with internal spring steel helix and external silicone coated glassfibre cord.

lengths up to 4 metres  
different cuff options
optional silicone coated lining