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Rubber extrusions language of rubber
. Extrusion

Rubber profiles are made either through continuous extrusion and vulcanisation - LCM , UHF etc. - or discontinuous by extrusion and autoclave (steam) vulcanisation. Both methods have their specific advantages and limitations. Our production centres use both methods. Customers are always asked for the application of a rubber profile so all ins en outs of the profile can be taken into account in the earliest possible stage of development.


solid rubber profiles 

silicone profiles
silicone rubber profiles 
low friction ruber profiles
mandrel vulcanisation

mandrel vulcanized
coiled vulcanisation
expanded / sponge rubber profiles  
edge protection and sealing profiles  

. Processed rubber extrusion profiles
Continuous seals / Frames and rings  

Extruded rubber sections can be converted into continuous rubber frames and rings.

Different joints

Glueing and cold vulcanisation

Cold vulcanisation is creating a seal by glueing of two or more rubber sections. Daarbij wordt gebruik emaakt van snelle lijmsoorten zoals cyano-acrylate of rubberlijm. This method is quick and cheap, joints however are not as good looking as spliced joints and may be brittle. The main disadvantage is the fact that because of different materials in sections and glued areas the joints respond differently to temperatue changes.This may cause premature failure

Spliced joints

Splicing of extruded rubber sections show very nice results. The actual joining of the sections is made possible by a special rubber based substance during vulcanisation. This method allows for joints that share the properties of the extruded sections and that are barely visible. Special moulding tools are required.
Injection and compression joints

Injection en compression joints are made in moulds. Two sections of extruded profiles are stuck in a mould that is filled witha certain amount of elastomer by injection injected or by putting in the precisely measured amount of elastomer. During vulcanisation both ends of the sections are joint. This proces is used for the production of large series and result in very good looking joints. Special moulding tools are required speciale lasvormen noodzakelijk.


90° angles


90º angled frames
rounded corner frames
continuous loops

Inflatable seals

A speciale group of processed rubber extrusion profiles are inflatable seals or
inflatable bladders

Please find out more inflatable seals

inflatable rubber parts

Self adhesive rubber profiles    

Self adhesive backing of rubber seals can speed up assembly considerably. Ligther weight rubber profiles can even be permanently fixed with special self adhesive tapes. Likon can supply you rubber sections with types of self adhesive tapes.

selfadhesive expanded rubber profile

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